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Kramer  |  SKU: KW-14/US | Item No. 0144-1942

KW14 Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver

MSRP: $1575.00

Product Features

  • Max. Data Rate — 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel), Deep Color up to 12–bit.
  • Secure Link — Uses AES–128 bit encryption.
  • Connection Capacity — Up to four receivers can receive from one transmitter simultaneously; up to three transmitters associated with one receiver at any given time.
  • Transmission Range — Up to 30m (100ft) including through walls and furniture.
  • Automatic Frequency Selection — Selects the most suitable frequencies to prevent RF interference.
  • Auto EDID Adjustment — To allow multi–screen support.
  • IR Remote Control — Enables the OSD menu to be displayed on the output display.
  • OSD (On Screen Display) — For simplified setup and configuration.
  • HDCP Compliant — HDCP sources are supported only when all connected displays support HDCP.
  • Zero Latency.
  • Automatic Sleep Mode — After three minutes when no input or link is detected.


  • Meeting rooms
  • Presentation and multimedia applications
  • Short range video and audio distribution

In the Box

Power supply 5V, 2 HDMI cables 0.9m (2.95ft) PN 2518–0101003, 1 IR Emitter cable PN 3300–500135

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The KW−14T and KW−14R are a high−definition, wireless, HDMI transmitter/receiver pair for indoor use. Up to four KW−14R receivers can receive from one KW−14T transmitter and up to three KW−14T transmitters can be paired with one KW−14R receiver. The KW−14T and KW−14R pair comes pre−associated.