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TOA BG220 Mixer/Amplifier 20W Three Inputs MOH Output Auto Mute

TOA BG220 Mixer/Amplifier 20W Three Inputs MOH Output Auto Mute

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MSRP: $292.50


ITEM: 0081-0051

The BG-220 is 20W Mixer/Amplifier, that offers a simple and cost-effective solution for adding powered zones to an existing system as well as powering speakers in applications that require a line input from a mix or playback source. Using the perfected amplifier technology and bullet-proof construction that has made TOA an industry standard, the BG-200 Series Mixer/Amplifier is designed to make sound projects affordable, reliable and easy to install.


  • All inputs/ outputs have removable terminal blocks for quick and easy
  • installation.
  • Rear panel-mounted DIP switches allow easy settings.
  • 3 line inputs, 1 is mic/line switchable, while 2 and 3 are equipped with
  • RCA pin jacks.
  • Recessed tamper-proof bass and treble controls preserve system settings.
  • Provides auto/manual mute function with adjustable muting sensitivity.
  • 2-channel broadcast system capability together with zone 2 expansion capability in conjunction with BA-200 Series.
  • Any of the 3 inputs assignable to MOH/ZONE 2 out


  • Dimensions:  8.27" × 3.71" × 10.43"
  • Weight:  7.72 lbs

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