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TOA  |  SKU: ER-1206W | Item No. 0081-0117

ER-1206W Megaphone 6W Whistle

MSRP: $196.50

Product Features

  • Power Source:  R6P
    (AA) × 6 (9 V DC) or R6P (AA) × 4 (6 V DC)
  • Rated Output:  6 W
    (when using six R6P batteries)
  • Maximum Output:  10 W
    (when using six R6P batteries)
  • Battery Life
  • When using six R6P batteries (JEITA)(*1)
  • Voice: Approx. 8 hours, Siren:
    Approx. 20 minutes
  • When using four R6P batteries(*2) (JEITA)(*1)
  • Voice: Approx. 5 hours, Siren:
    Approx. 10 minutes
  • Audible Range:  Voice:
    Approx. 250 m (JEITA)(*1), Siren: Approx. 315 m (JEITA)(*1)
  • Signal Sound: Whistle
  • Frequency Response:  450 - 6,000 Hz (SPL -20 dB)
  • Magnetic Circuit:  Neodymium
    magnet, inner magnet type
  • Diaphragm:  Polyimide
    film (voice coil, bobbin)
  • Anti-bacteria Treatment: 
    Mouth and handle
  • Water Protection:  IPX5
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃
    to +40℃

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The ER-1206W is a compact splash-proof megaphone rated at 6 W output featuring a built-in whistle. It features IPX5 water-jet-resistant designs. A whistle tone can be used for attracting attention. It operates with 6 R6P batteries, or 4 R6P batteries when the battery spacer (accessory) is used. Handle and microphone with anti-bacteria treatment improve hygiene and safety during use.