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TechLogix  |  SKU: S2I-12M-P-BK-1000 | Item No. 0184-0020

S2I-12M-P-BK-1000 Fiber Single Mode 12 Strand Plenum Rated OS2 1000'

MSRP: $1100.00

Product Features

  • Single Mode OS2 fiber optic cable
  • Plenum, riser, indoor/outdoor & direct burial ratings
  • Armored & tactical option
  • Black Jacket

In the Box

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The TechLogix ECO series delivers an ecologically sound product at an economical price. 

ECOFiber™ is made using bend-insensitive Corning SMF-28 Ultra® OS2 fiber and costs up to 30% less than competing brands of optical cable.

It's also friendlier to the environment than copper cabling. Less energy goes into producing fiber cabling and fiber-based systems have a lower energy consumption and smaller installation footprint. Plus, all ECOFiber™ products ship in minimally processed recyclable packaging. 

ECOFiber™ is designed to withstand tight bends (10mm minimum bend radius), challenging cable routes, rough handling and terminates in just a few minutes. 

Standard SKUs are available in reels of 1,000 and 2,000 feet. Custom constructions and cuts are available upon request.