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Beale Street  |  SKU: VCRI | Item No. 0002-1657

VCRI Rotary Volume Control Impedance matching

MSRP: $89.99

Product Features

VCRI – Impedance Matching Volume Control – Rotary

Peak RMS Power Rating – 350W/ch

Continuous RMS Power – 105W/ch

Frequency Response – DC to 500 kHz +/- 0.1dB

Mounting Depth – 1.8″ (45mm)

Electrical Junction Box – Fits Single Gang Box

Speaker Impedance – 2-16 Ohms (single or multiple speakers)

Connection Removable Screw Terminals

Includes – White and Almond Decora Inserts

In the Box

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The VCRI is a rotary knob automatic impedance matching volume control. That means multiple volume controls and speaker pair can be connected to a single, appropriately powered amplifier. It also means there are no impedance tables, jumpers or switch settings to mess with.

Let's say you want a simple, multiroom audio system where all speakers are playing the same thing and each room has a separate volume control. Up to six VCRIs, with one pair of 8 Ohm speakers per volume control, can be connected to a 4 Ohm capable amp as shown in the illustration...with no jumpers or switches to configure on the volume controls.

For a slightly different application, up to 4 pair of 8 Ohm speakers can be connected in parallel to a single VCRI connected to a 2 Ohm capable amp. This allows you to have a multi-speaker application in a large room or in several adjacent areas that are all controlled with a single controller...with no jumpers or switches to configure on the volume controls.

Simple, reliable, flexible. Turn up the fun with the VCRI Automatic Impedance Matching Volume Control by Beale Street Audio.