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Symetrix  |  SKU: 80-0056 | Item No. 0152-0065

80-0056 ARC-2e Wall Panel Controller with Text Menu Single Gang White

MSRP: $366.00

Product Features

  • The ARC-2e offers modernized and simplified hardware design for greater reliability and a lower cost.
  • Equipped with all the same user features and operation as the ARC-2 and ARC-2i.
  • Ships with a white plastic faceplate.
  • Powers directly off Symetrix DSP devices via CAT-5.
  • New user-friendly rotary DIP switches for setting the device’s RS-485 address.
  • Capable of addressing up to 99 ARC-2e wall panels per DSP


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The ARC-2e is a menu-driven remote control for Symetrix DSPs with 24 menus each with up to 16 items used to control multiple basic functions or complex logic-based events including volume, presets, source selection, room combining and more. The 8-character backlit display supports up to thirty-one scrolling characters, providing user feedback for control assignments, default settings, and actions. The three buttons navigate menus, adjust parameters, and enable or disable the wall panel. The ARC-2e mounts in a single gang electrical box (US).