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Audix  |  SKU: ANTDA4161 | Item No. 0073-0027

ANTDA4161 Wide-Band Active Directional Antenna Pair

MSRP: $759.00

Product Features

Frequency Band: 500 - 700 MHz

Antenna Gain: 6 dB

Amplifier Gain: 5 dB or 13 dB (dipswitch located inside housing on antenna)

Input Impedance: 50 Ohm

Output: OIP3 > 38 dBm

Effective working Angle: Approximately 90 degrees

Connector: BNC

Cable: RG58, 50 Ohm coaxial (not included)

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Wide-band active directional antennas for improved reception (522-865 MHz). May be used with standard coaxial cable with BNC connectors. Features include 15dB of amplified gain to make up for signal loss over distance. Ideal for use with the ADS48 antenna distribution system.