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Audio-Technica  |  SKU: ATW-3211/831DE2 | Item No. 0187-0359

ATW-3211/831DE2 3000 Series Wireless System DE2: 470-530MHz

MSRP: $649.00

Product Features

• Extremely wide 60 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth for maximum versatility in an increasingly congested RF environment
• Up to 40 simultaneous channels per band (open-range environment with no interfering signals)
• Unique multifunction button on transmitters can be used to switch to a backup frequency (on both transmitter and receiver) should interference be encountered
• Auto Squelch feature automatically adjusts squelch setting to maximize range while minimizing potential interference
• Frequency scan and IR sync functionality for ease of setup
• Dual-mode receiver display can switch between standard and performance views
• Transmitters and receivers include easy-to-read OLED screens
• Handheld transmitter offers extremely low handling noise and includes an industry-standard thread mount for use with interchangeable A-T
microphone capsules, as well as other compatible capsules
• Rugged cH-style connector on body-pack transmitter provides secure connection to lavalier mics, headworn mics, and cables with cH-style
screw-down 4-pin connector
• Body-pack transmitter features a tactile mute toggle switch (defeatable) for physical confirmation of mute status when transmitter display is not visible
• Charging terminals on transmitters work with optional ATW-CHG3 and ATW-CHG3N charging docks to recharge NiMH batteries
• Antenna power available for powered antennas & other in-line RF devices
• Ground-lift switch helps eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops
• Balanced and unbalanced outputs

In the Box

Two flexible UHF antennas; AC adapter (country dependent); rack-mount Adapters

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ATW-R3210 receiver and ATW-T3201 body-pack transmitter with AT831cH cardioid condenser lavalier microphone.