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West Penn  |  SKU: 454GY0500 | Item No. 0161-0183

2/22 Stranded B/Shield PVC Jacket 500'

MSRP: $72.23

Product Features

Number of Conductors: 2
AWG Size: 22
Conductor Stranding: 7x30
Conductor Type: Tinned Copper
Nominal DCR: 17 Ohm/1000ft
Cabling Lay Length: 2.5 in
Twists/Foot: 4.8 twist/ft
Insulation Type: Polypropylene - PP
Insulation Thickness: 0.008 in
Insulation Color Code: 1. Black 2. Red
Shield Type: Bonded Overall 100% Aluminum Foil
Drain Wire Type: Tinned Copper
Drain Wire AWG: 22 AWG

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